geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

We have X-mas Lights!

We went out and got a few strands of those new LED lights, so we now have 4 strands, a white, a blue, and two multi coloured!!!!
The multi coloured ones are to be wound around the balcony railings and secured with twine, one per balcony.  I think we may leave them up all year round so people can find our place from the road.  If you're walking through the pedestrian maze, we're easy to spot since we have a yellow banner with orange fish as a curtain, but from the other side it's a bit hairy.
Sad thing about the various coloured strings is that they are unbalanced: the green is very faint due to mismatch of plastic pigments, and the orange is very red, and the yellow is orange, making it look very harvesty... except for the blue lights, which clash due to the overkill of warm.
Proposed solution is to switch either blue and yellow or blue and green, so that one strand has double the blue, and the other either has more yellow or green.


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