geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Maybe I should dump his ass.

Somewhere out there, a tender hearted morning bird is awake and hiking.
Along the dewy broom and heather hills.
He toughs out the autumn chills, striding to seek the views
and pausing to marvel at the plants so delicately complex.
Somewhere there is a man who longs to see what is beyond his tv
or computer screen
This somewhere man would have a heart of gold
and a brain that delves into the universe’s very folds
A brilliant diamond sparkling out
with a love of maths , science and art.
Somewhere out there, there is the man my love could be
because love shouldn’t be this heart wrenchingly lonely
Somewhere out there is where my heart is edging off to
I want a man to take me by the hand and take me out
I’d love a lover that wanted to drink from the cup of life and adventure
Sometimes I thought I saw this dream prince gleam from within the soul of my bedmate
But nothing gleams from this stale mate
A warcracker slob asleep ‘til early evening
A warcracker slob spacing through the night
Is only a boy that makes my heart take flight
away away away.

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