geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

The bet is on! Giving the finger to addiction and trying out a crazed experiment.

I bet Andrew $10 that I can do this 7 day "Fat-burning-soup diet"

It involves giving up things like Candy and Chocolate for a week. Now when I NEED chocolate, I turn into a bit of a godzilla like creature. He says if I start bitching, he's going to shove chocolate in my mouth. I love chocolate, but, since it has such a strong hold over me, I think I should give this vice the finger, even if it looks all innocent.

I was going to do Sunday to Sunday, but that would put our club's ritual on Bananas andSkim milk day... so I'm starting Monday so that Wednesday is Fruits and Veggies Day.

Why am I doing this when I hate fad diets? Well I looked at this, and the whole range of nutrients is covered: protein, carbs, light carbs, calcium, potassium, iron, water, electrolytes. It's just mixed up a bit, instead of given all in one day, but not over such a long time that the body has a chance to suffer.

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