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Mispatrogynic Right Now

Mispatrogynic Right Now

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Can't sleep. I think it's actually because the bedroom is too warm, and not just because I'm too angry.

Boys suck. (Except for crwydryny, sooguy, and matt, who haven't pissed me off.)

Screw the demanding, fuck the double talk, a pox on the slobbiness, fuck the shallowness and the apathy.
  • Glad I haven't incurred your wrath just yet.
    • Just yet?
      Are you planning to backstab me in a subtle yet painful way too? *pouts*

      Ah well, your coffee avatar looks friendly in a cheery good morning sort of way. LOL it must be like 10 am where you are, it's ~ 6am here.
  • I'll endeavour to be less of a double-talking, demanding, apathetic shallow slob in future.
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