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Ah Vancouver! Where even the snow is warm!

Ah Vancouver! Where even the snow is warm!

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Yeah I went snow-shoeing today. Man was I overdressed! I was sweltering in my signature rain pants and fleecy pant double layer. I ended up rolling up the sleeves of my shirt, stripping down to my fleece pants and rolling THEM up like shorts.

The sun was shining, I had my shades on for almost the whole day. There were many cool sites. It felt like we were up in a plane since the valley below was filled with clouds like some ocean of cotton. I wish I'd brought a camera. There was this wave of snow curling over this path, dripping and ridged on the sides, like a scuplture. All these little creeks trickled, echoing from holes in the snow. A great tree had giant roots encasing a craggy cliff edge festooned with dripping moss and lacey lichen.

I saw deep into the lush deeply ravined valleys. The sky was so blue.

The air was really fresh.

One odd moment had me hanging by my hands and knees on a jutting bulb of snow. I fell on my ass lots. I tried to jump across, and the snow gave way, so I landed on my knee. I forgot my water too.

The only really scarey thing though was almost getting t-boned while turning a left on a yellow, the fucker ran the red, after the car in front of me went left. (This was east van, so it wasn't foggy)

And driving back in the fog. It was pretty, but a bit scary, especially after the near wreck.
  • All that sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time. Since nothing bad happened, even the scary bits count as 'spice'.

    Gah. After an hour outside, my fingers are STILL numb... It's odd typing when you can't feel the tip of one of your fingers.
  • Is mary-ann from work. Pleas eadd me back, i added you. Also, remember to join nihon_vancouver for japanese. Coolies. ^_^
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