geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a PSYCHOPATH!

Knifeboy AKA Chris Los showed up to work Thursday night. I was about to bag his groceries on autopilot when he turned around and said hi. I just smiled and walked away from his crap.
I didn't say anything snide though my mind was spinning with hundreds of comments like:" so your parents trusted you with money or did you start mugging people?"; "Did you run out of food to steal from your roomates?"; "Are you still trying to date rape girls, or are they staying too far away from you?"; "Did you ever figure out the complexities of the toilet, or does hitting the bowl still elude you?"

I had hoped to never see him again since he is the sicko that routinely left BLOOD dripping down the kitchen counters and pooling on the counbters and floor; urinated over the bathroom floor every morning; stole my food; broke into my room and lifted cash and some valuables; took to yelling at me and waving a knife; ALMOST STABBED ME OVER STEALING MY FRIENDS JUNK, and held rowdy parties where he would GIVE OUR STUFF to his guests, and ply girls with sickening amounts of booze in hopes of getting laid.

I felt a bit shook, even over my friday shift. I was thinking compulsively about restraining orders until I told Dayna about it. Sometimes a girl just needs an ear.

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