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That deck was

That deck was

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Winged Spirity Tarot By David Sexton - Published by US Games

The other decks in the meme are:
Tarot of the Cat People By Karen Kuykendall - Published by US Games
Chinese Tarot By Jui Guoliang - Published by US Games
Dragon Tarot By Peter Pracownik - Published by US Games
Fantastical Tarot By Natalie Hertz - Published by US Games
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    • Re: I went to us games webpage

      I haven't been to their site. I just pegged the decks up so I could look them up later and see some of the cards. I google searched for the Winged Spirit Deck then spent some time at an expansive tarot site looking at others.

      http://www.astroamerica.com/t-menu.html This is the page i was looking at, but I'm not sure if it has the Chinese deck.
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