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I saw "What the Bleep do we know?"

I saw "What the Bleep do we know?"

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I was very insulted through the course of this pseudo-documentary, although the core message was something I agree with whole heartedly.
Tiny gems glistened like rhinestones, or perhaps frost on sewage throughout the onslaught of sludge. They diliberatly produced psycho babble by having the physicists talk about god and the theologists talk about physics. Even the stuff I did agree with was sensationalized, or worse put forth in a smug arrogant "we are right, any one else with a different opinion is a dumb out of fashion loser", such that I wanted to reject it right away. Yes, I found myself itching to defend catholic dogma, just because their arrogant smug banalities presented as enlightenment had me gagging.
The word quantum was a chant, a get of jail free card, a VIP pass, the word dragged through the mud into meaninglessness.

One thing of interest though was one coherent part reminded me of Chris's water quantum blurb.

Still the main message of the movie is a good one: think happy thoughts, smile a little
  • THANK YOU! I know exactly what you mean! I found myself agreeing with the positive message in many ways, but disagreeing with how they put it out there and how much dogma was attached.
  • I've been wanting to see this film for ages, and now you have given me even more reason to try to watch it.
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    • It's another level in my mind.

      The we are what we create in my mind is the world of magic.
      I treat it like another layer to the common reality.
      Everyone's creating, so some days I just think about the basic lego in front of everyone: day to day reality, the unchanegable, the highly probable.

      I liked some of the stuff done around the photographer chick. I read the back and had plot expectations, so I looked forward to seeing her.
      In the end scene, when "God" phones her, I heard "Bob", so was looking forwards to her budding love life, and wondering why the hell she had an answering machine that was vocal.

      It was painful to watch though.
      On the bright side I want to go and learn more about cell reactions to emotions and whatnot. :)
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        • It's not about belief.

          It's about shoddy craftmanshift. It's also about mixing up football and soccer. I do science, and I do magic (mind over matter stuff). Both are good, but have different rules. Also the movie was too vague.
          That's why people are ripping the movie up, is that it takes a good idea, and wraps it some garbage that they call science. Not to mention it's painful and boring to watch, it's at the level of an elementary school documentary.

          I like the art therapy idea. :) They should almost make that mandatory. I think I might do that.
          • Re: It's not about belief.

            OOPS that was me. I'm not at home, still in Calgary, have to actually LOG IN.
  • My review and rant (warning- long and lots of screaming)

    I think I love you GD!!
    SO many people have been sucked in by this pseudo-scientific garbage and really really REALLY believe that "modern scientific thought" can, via quantum physics, lead them to a better life.
    After all, doesnt the movie talk about quantum physics? Of course it does. And it does so fairly accurately, as far as it goes (it leaves out HUGE gaps)

    After all, doesnt the movie talk about, in relatively scientific terms, how we are, in large part, reactions to our own internal chemistries? Of course it does. And it does so fairly accurately, as far as it goes (it leaves out HUGE gaps)

    After all, doesnt the movie invoke/evoke the name of "GOD" in connection to the above said points? Of course it does. And it does so completely innacurately. Period. End of story.

    Im all for "positive thinking". Ive done it, and it worked for me (as far as it went). I dont do it on a regular basis ('cause Im a cynical SOB), but I have seen how it works in my life and the lives of others

    But quite frankly, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO with crystal formations. Witness the connection BLATANTLY made between the crystal formation and "postive thinking", none (yes, that's right dear readers, not a SINGLE ONE) of which have been empirically confirmed.
    Why? Because the so-called "scientist" involved refuses to release his findings to peer review.

    Likewise, this hack states (with the underlying message that we create our own objective reality) "The material world around us is nothing but possible movements of consciousness. I am choosing moment by moment my experience. Heisenberg said atoms are not things, only tendencies.”
    Really? Then throw yourself off a 10 story building into a napalm inferno and "tend" not to die as you hit the flaming concrete.
    No really, try it.
    You are NOT, in any "heisenberg" sort of way, "choosing" what happens. You will die, or at the very least sustain some serious injuries

    Quite frankly the underlying message ("negative emotions" are always bad, and we are all God, the Creator of the Universe) is nonsense. My "negative" emotions have often resulted in good ends. If I see something unjust or ethically wrong, it often makes me angry. Sometimes I actually DO something about it. More to the point of the movie, when the lead strawhead (ie Matlin) gets angry at herself for being (in her POV) overweight and not-so-attractive (yeah, the cast the WRONG woman for this role), she has a breakdown. Me? Ive gotten angry about my weight, my smoking, my drinking. Did I fall back to a "Gee John, I love you just the way you are" style of thinking? No. My anger drove me to change.
    This movie lies on all levels.

    O, and by the way (and Im sure you already know this GD) the affects of the quantum on the macro are SO insignificant (on a local scale) as to be written off entirely, the comments of Amit Goswami notwithstanding (who is considered a left wing nutjob, despite his PhD, in most scientific circles).

    Likewise, when these new agers (because that's all they are) spout off about traditional interpretations of God, and state how "their" versions of God are so-much-better, they come off as JUST AS ARROGANT as the "organized religion" they try to lamely attack. How DARE they attack EVERY SINGLE established religion and then come back with the clackers to say that THEIR "interpretation" of GOD ITSELF is the ONLY one to adhere to. How DARE they say that so-called "organized religion" (and that includes various forms of paganism) is nothing but a "backwater" (their term) "redneck hick ignorant" (my interpretation) version of a GOD.
    • Re: My review and rant (warning- long and lots of screaming)

      This movie is good for one thing and one thing only-
      To see if your BS detector is operating correctly.

      If you have graduated beyond Llewellyn "crystals can balance your chakras" crap, then your BS detector should GO OFF. And not just once or twice, but rather every 2.2537 minutes throughout the entire movie (or some approximation thereof)

      Actually, I must apologize, as there are other things that are good about the movie. For instance, some of the CGI is okay, and Matlin is cute :)

      Now, if you want to see a supposedly "eye-opening" movie for CGI and Matlin (assuming you think she's cute as well), then by all means see this movie.
      But dont expect science, and dont expect spiritual insight.

      Sorry Dragon, Im not trying to derail your post. But as you know, I feel very very very strongly about this movie and its purposeful lies. I just hope that your other friends choose to avoid this piece of garbage (yes, sooguy, Im talking about you and others).

      This movie is not only a waste of the rental price, but you will forever be haunted by the time this movie STOLE from you, and you may wonder how you can rightfully claim it back.
      I do so by ranting about this movie at every opportunity
    • Christmas Present

      Andrew's Aunt gave it to us as a joint present, and gave Andrew's parents a copy too. :)

      Oh and the quantum wasn't that right. Andrew was going "NO! NO!" through lots of the quantum. I'm not sure myself since all I've done deals with chemistry: particle in a box... which you can do A LOT with.
    • Re: My review and rant (warning- long and lots of screaming)

      All the really crappy movies in the world and you judge this one so harshly.
      I do not get it. You say you are cynical though. I used to be this way too until I did some things in my life.

      This film has a lot of good points.
      And we need a start for the average person and for humanity in the world cause things are not getting better. I think personal responsibility lacks in this world. Everyone has had something DONE to them. This film teaches you can counteract that to some degree and have control over yourself.
      Why else would meditation change the MRI's of buddhist Monks? It is practicing intention , flooding the body with it. Many need something to believe in that will teach them to learn from themselves and their everyday intentions and not follow tried and true methods. It is a religion of the self in my opinion...
      • Re: My review and rant (warning- long and lots of screaming)

        All the really crappy movies in the world and you judge this one so harshly.
        Ive judged other films and TV shows harshly as well. But most movies arent made for the audience to take seriously. Alien vs Predator, for example, was a trash heap of a movie, but it was nothing more than pure eye-candy, and it was never meant to be anything other than eye candy. The producers and director of AvP were, in that way, far more honest than the people who made "What the Bleep".

        "What the Bleep" raises my personal bile due to the lies and propoganda it spreads, all in the name of self help.
        Dont get me wrong. Im all for self-help, positive thinking, empowerment, etc etc etc.
        However this film preaches these things in half-assed way and they do so with lies and propoganda.
        Much of the "science" they speak about is garbage (not that quantum mechanics is garbage, but the way they present it is). Then, once they fully reveal their true New Age intentions, they condescend to anyone who follows an "organized religion" and flat out states that anyone who does so is worshipping nothing more than a backwater "version" of God.
        Please. This film pisses off atheists and theists alike, as well it should.

        Trust me, anonymous, I do get the actual point of the film. It's all about empowerment, and I have nothing against that. The lies, deceit, propoganda and pure BS they use to finally get to their point is the problem I have.
      • Re: My review and rant (warning- long and lots of screaming)

        The last anonymous was me
        I hate that anonymous posting.
      • You didn't like Alien vs Predator?

        Little teardrop.
        I loved that movie, it had more plot than I expected, and I laughed so hard.
        Ah, eye candy. :)
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