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I now own Inorganic Chemistry by Miessler and Tarr, 3rd Edition.
  • um, congratulations! ...cos it's a good thing right? :)
  • You mean I'm not the only person who loves owning and reading good text books???
    • Don't get your hopes up.

      I tend to reach for sci-fi/fantasy and lately sex/women stuff.

      This textbook I have a long standing vendetta against. It was for a course I failed. The tacher taught out of this book, but ordered a text for another course for us. They sold out on amazon and chapters, the bookstores didn't have it, and the only copy was stolen out of the reserve section of the library. All the other texts didn't do the molecular orbital theory in a way conductive to passing her course, so it was THE only source for learning. It wasn't too hard, but I couldn't put it together without the text.
      • Re: Don't get your hopes up.

        I sure hope you informed the dean of her department about her gross incompetence in supplying students with the wrong book. Students are forced to suffer for teacher incompetence far too often...
        • Re: Don't get your hopes up.

          Sorry, that was me, I forgot that I wasn't logged in.
          • hahahaha

            they don't care. i talked to a dean of econ once because the teacher didn't know what he was teaching, and was verbally abusive to boot. He even got his own midterm problems wrong, the easy ones (and after 3 seperate explainations from 3 seperate students, he still didn't get it). He's still there.

            There is also a guy who doesn't show up for class, and tells stories instead of teaching; he's been reprimanded due to the tonne of complaints but since he's research, he's untouchable. It's UBC, you give your money, and fight for the brandname. If you get someone who can teach, it's a miracle. University isn't about teaching, it's about money.
            • Re: hahahaha

              That's why I don't go to UBC, even though I live so close. I've always disliked academic institutions in general, and was glad to discover that places like BCIT exist where instructors are paid to teach, not to research, and are held to quality standards. That and I find the general environment there to be much more agreeable.

              I will only enroll in a university if I find the lack of a graduate-level degree holding me back in life, or if I decide that I have a really good idea for a Ph.D dissertation in computer science. 90+% of what I know, I learned from a book (or PDF file, or website). I know that there are many things that cannot be learned from a book, but I simply can't justify to myself the tremendous cost of university unless it helps me land a high-paying job. Of course, if I was making $100,000 a year, then maybe the cost of university courses wouldn't seem like so much...
    • Too fresh from school to tell too.

      Uni has too much reading, so I can't tell if I would read texts for fun (and not vengence). I am 80% sure I would though ^_^
      • Re: Too fresh from school to tell too.

        Try reading the text before taking the course, and see the world of difference that it makes. Watch your teacher be astonished by your in-depth knowledge of the course material. I don't know how things work at UBC, but at BCIT teachers tend to make friends with their best students, and if their colleagues are looking for employees they tend to recommend their top students. They tend not to be very good at telling the difference between students who are good because they learn quickly, and students who just learned 80% of the course material before they even enrolled.
        • Brings out the brat in me

          I tried reading the text before class for an honours math because it was f-ing hard and without my sweet romeo I wouldna got it. It still brought out my inner brat and I was bored to tears.

          It's not anything about friends anyways, it's about grant money. Grades get grants, grants are jobs. I don't know if I'll be able to take the course again. Due to an interesting unwanted enrollment in medical care 101 and 202, my academic standing is pretty shitty.
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