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And I quote "NewScientist"

"while more recently anti-globalisation campaigners have demonstrated against other (seed) banks."

Why on earth would you campaign against seed saving? I thought anti-globalization people were anti-corporate and pro-environment, or at least anti-globalization! DUH! Seedbanks preserve local species.
  • It would depend on whether it was only crop related seeds or not. I could see them protesting genetic seedbanks if it was solely agri-business protecting their interests and not species diversity. I read the article and it didn't seem to be too specific.
  • Actually, globalization often serves to preserve native species, as well.

    For example, the *lack* of international trade in apples led to the near-destruction of many American apple varieties, because U.S. taste was fairly uniform and there was no market for them, and hence no reason to plant them.

    In recent years, the apple trade has opened up, and exposure to new countries with different tastes and a willingness to try other varieties has led to those old species existing for decades only in seed banks, being grown again.

    The same goes for many 'ancient grains'.
  • I tell ya, this planet better pray I don't become it's ruler. I will lay the smack down on these non-seed-saving/homogeneous-genes/cross-breeding/inbred punks. I don't like 'em.

    Have you seen some of the AMAZING varieties of tomatoes that only exist in seed banks? Purple with yellow stripes, little orange bumpy ones, humongous green things, and all the shades of reds. The tastes seem to be as varied.

    PS: I am talking about TOMATOES, the fruit. I re-read what I wrote and it sounded kinda... funny.
    • It didn't sound funny to me. The purple stripes is cool scary. Tomatoes seem to be related to deadly nightshade. Deadly nightshade is purple or black.

      Cross breeding is actually good, hybrid vigour and all that.

      I'm not actually against GMOs, but definately against patenting, and corporate practices, especially those of evil evil Monsanto.
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