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Ganked from elecey

Ganked from elecey

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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla
  • ha cool. that is the same as what the friend i took this from got.

    may i ask what (zodiac) sign you are?
    • I'm gemini, how about you?

      Did you think the quiz was sorta "in-your-face-attitude?" The possible jab to red is so subtle that it's barely there though.

      I used to be pink, went through a super brief orange phase, and I guess I'm red now ^_^
      • Sagittarius.
        It kind of is in your face. . .telling me how I love so much is gross. . . eh, but it's just for fun. And aside from the gross part, I think it was pretty accurate for me.
        What is the orange one like? I wonder if there is any "nice" one or if they are all like that.
        By the way, I like your icon. The colors are peaceful.
        • Orange was the "playa"
          I clicked on the see all results, and they are all snarky, it actually looks like the author favoured red, it's the least biting.

          Thanks, I like yours too. I used to love peacocks... just 'cause I love colour so much.
  • *Reads your info*

    I see you're into Reikei. Since you joined omni_magick, why not come over and tell us about it? :-) Anything else you'd like to share would be great. Maybe introduce yourself? :-)

    Magickal Blessings;
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