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Snow in "Lotus Land"

Snow in "Lotus Land"

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It's twice as bright now. The sky is sterling silver, a rush of damp white blobs streaming down. The trees sport an inch of white light diffuser along every sillouette trace.
The world seems softer, quieter, nestled in something.
Serene, and slow, since no one here can deal with the snow. I am scared of slipping so i'm prob a comic sight if I go anywhere.
It's geat for forts and snowmen, but the mere weight of the snow on itself turns it into slush at the very bottom.
One day, I'll live in a place with snow. Maybe somewhere with cheap skiing.

My only gripe is that a net article laughed at us getting snow, calling us "lotus land". It doesn't *feel* like lotus land. Since so many people want to live here, the mass wages are lower, prices for clothing, especially *food*, and rent are higher. (Have to go to the burbs to find a binder under $5 now :P )
When I went on holidays for X-mas, I saw help wanted signs everywhere for entry level positions.

Ah, I won't get milked so much when I grad, I'll be able to find work in another city. And maybe to my disappointment, rent will be the same :P ^_-
  • I miss snow :) Snow make winter 10x brighter...need shades
    • Aren't you getting any right now? I thought your weather would be the same as me, you're not that far south I think... We get snow once a year, so I thought you would too. The cascades are south of me, and they get tons of snow...
      • north of seattle they got snow but not in seattle and south yet...off to the sides yeah, but not us, not yet, they SAID there might be but it seemed a bit warmer than they predicted last night. No snow....it's ok, I'd rather wait till I get my camcorder and can film the idiots in action :P
    • That's part of why I hate snow. Not only is it cold, wet, and slippery, but it is so damned bright. I need shades outside half the time without snow, I can barely see without them in winter. My eyes are sensitive to light.
  • I hate snow. And ice. And cold, more than the other two.

    Jack Frost is my nemesis. When I find him, he's dead. Mother Nature will scream, having found his mutilated remains in her bathtub... laying in a pool of his own blood.

    I have a Deity of Cold, named Kriio, but I like Hir better because where She's from, it never gets colder than low 40s. So Jack Frost is the cretin responsible for winter.

    I don't know where you live, but in Iowa winter is awful. Just when you think Jack Frost won't be coming back this time, he shows up with a small blizzard and a whole shitload of ice.
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