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Back from the Snowball.

Back from the Snowball.

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I left with an extra 1/2 hour, but the snow had turned to a freaking downpour. It was that dark, oily, smeary light, touches of interior fogging, and smeary wind shield wipers that need to be replaced. I ended up doing a loop of the Molson Indy Race Track (well they use it for the races), and doubling back. Then we got shoved into parking that cost $15!!!!!!! (SAme price as the amazing earrings I got today, there goes 2 hours of pay in a fell parking pass)

But the rain eased up, and stopped for the cruise. I ended up chaperoning the new ashley from bethel #9, she's pretty dang awesome. Then I tried to dance, but it was hip-hop all night long, and I'm still not used to the corset. So I spent the rest of the night on the deck watching the water go by. I only had to tell some girls to behave when there wasa camera throwing cat fight incident. A girl threw her camera at a girls face, and the camera disappeared down some tube in the boat.

I'm still in shock about spending all that money on a corset. I've been drooling at them for a few years now, and been seriously looking online for about a month. I can picture a zillion outfits in it too. It just seems so frivoulous. Looking good, be it polished or just having clothes that fit properly costs a bit more. This is a large part of the reason that I want to learn how to sew. Fringe goth clothes are just as expensive as brand name snob threads. I'd like to be able to tailor fit reasonably priced durable items to feel a bit prettier. Maybe it's because I don't fit in the children's section anymore, and I've out grown most of my wardrobe, maybe it's because I want a little more glam in my life.
  • Hi....off topic hello

    Hiya. I'm a friend of mirrormask and she said that you said nice things about some icons i made her, so I thought I'd stop by, and say thanks. *pauses* So thanks :) And also to say...I take requests...*grin*

    PS You've been friended
    • It's a small world!

      I looked at your user info and wow, you'rea friend of haunted_lady, and you're at the oracle (well duh given that you're a friend of HL) too.
      Friended you back ^_^ friendly calgarians always welcome :)
  • I think owning a corset is an awesome thing.

    You should own clothes that make you feel good.

    • Well I think you're a practical person, thus it must be not as horribly shallow as I feel it is to have taken an interest in only wearing clothes that make me feel good. :)
      • Quite the contrary actually.

        I feel what's the purpose of wearing something that doesn't make you feel good? Are you punishing yourself?

        We should all go through our closest and drawers and eliminate everything that doesn't make us feel good about ourselves and alive.

        It's got nothing to do with being shallow and everything to do with treating yourself right.
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