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I talked things over with my bf

WE're giving it another shot. He wants to try during the summer, and if things aren't working out in theharmonius living, then we'll move out to seperate places.

We both have lots on our plates, so it's hard to be together enough to realize that little things need to get tweaked. Things run along until the pot boils over so to speak.

Someone pointed out that my solution seemed like loads of work, but really, moving would be equal loads of work. Finding a place, packing my stuff, figuring out what stuff is mine, paying for the joint stuff I want to keep, storing the stuff I wouldn't need if renting a room (yeah a single room is all I could afford), figuring out and adapting to using a stranger's kitchen and fridge, meeting new roomies, moving my stuff, unpacking, getting internet service, watching the utilities if i had to share them, finding the closest laundro-mat, getting a bus pass, asking about parking, ect, ect.

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