geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Drug of Choice

Green Tea Chocolate Malt.... YUM!

It was a crazy attempt to get to use my new "yup mojo" (I'll post on that later)
So I put in straight coco powder, hot chocolate powder, ice, alfalfa powder, flax powder, green tea powder, milk, sugar, blend. It tastes good. I lovechocolate + green tea.

The flax adds a bit of fibre and protein, and the alfalfa has vitamins and minerals. I am a bit worried about it though b/c it's supposed to be an appetite STIMULANT, I just bought it b/c I thought it would be high in protein + fibre. I don't need to be hungrier though. We shall see :/
It's uber yummy :)

Green tea and cocoa are supposed to have lots of healthy vtamins to boot, and milk is healthy too. Decadent, but nutrituous. :)

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