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Mens Pocky - with HEART STICKERS!!!

Mens Pocky - with HEART STICKERS!!!

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I like Men's Pocky because it's dark chocolate. Pocky, for those of you who don't know are in most cases chocolate dipped non salty pretzel/biscuit sticks. (They also come in strawberry, crusshed almomd etc)
Well, I took a close look at my pack and noted some blurb of Japanese with pink flowers around it. When I opened the box, there was a little Pink sheet with tiny pink heart stickers attatched Heart stickers, in MEN'S pocky. LOL.
  • Oh my GOD, I used to eat Pocky sticks by the truckload when I was a kid!!! I did not realize that there are now MEN'S Pocky??!! They feel the need for a gender binary now?? Oh, that's FUNNY. Little pink hearts - that's even funnier!!! I love it!!!!!
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