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altercations at work

altercations at work

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yesterday knife boy came in and i refused to serve him. I also pointed him out to the security gaurd as a potential shoplifter. I'm too tired to post more about it. I did wonder if I was being mature. The security guard said "he has NO SHAME, to show his face around here" and that I should never serve him (after I told the guard what he had done to me in the past)

I fucked up trying to make a fresh start with stupid head, I mean clint today. Sorry to disappoint you mikki G. He ditched me on his break anyways. I found him after work at starbucks. I couldn't keep my questions down and I ended up calling him a psychotic.
Lying fucker, why does he ping my "worthwhile person" sensor?

I think mostly I hate that he won't listen to me. I want right now to hold my boot to his head and tell him everything that I want to tell him, and I want it to sink into that porous excuse of a brain.
  • I think you should just avoid both Clint and knife boy. They both seem content to avoid you, and sometimes mutual avoidance is the best way for two people to get along.
    • there... i just deleted his phone number from my cell. no more chances for THAT loser.

      lol you shouldn't lump knife boy and clint together under the same brush even if they are both rather mentally broken. knife boy is a violent threat, and stupid-head seems forgivable somehow. but then i'm silly and softhearted.

      actually now that you mention it, they are both on my "I never want to see again list" gee all of 3 people long sighs.
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