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Creativity Bursting

Creativity Bursting

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I am having weird fashion spasms. I want to dress all goth. I want to buy boring shirts and modify them into stylish punk/goth/comfy renditions with lace and chain and patches.
I want to crochet a giant stuffed squid and buy a patter for a spidery skirt. I want to learn to crochet my own clothing patterns.

I want to robe myself in lace and dragons and flames.

I want to make my own stained glass piece for our bedroom window.

I want to redo our "couple's altar"

I want to trek under the may greened oaks and smell the polleny sun warmed breezes.

I think I should eatsomething before my blood sugar gets to low.
  • hmmmm

    Hey Geeky mebbe you had better channel some of that creative energy anddo something. It's the time of gemini - create!!!
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