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Missing Person

Missing Person

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this chicky has been missing for 20 days now.  I hope we hear that's she's somewhere safe and sound asap.
  • Do you know her personally? Who reported her as being missing?
  • What makes you think she is missing?
    • my friend phoned and told me that she hasn't been seen by anyone for 20 days. She was last seen by my friends on may 9th, her roomie saw her last on may 11th, and no one knows where she was last or where she is. I don't know her that well, but it's still worrying. I'm hoping to hear through the grape vine that she's safe.
    • Also, I think I'm shocked at how easily someone can fall through the cracks. I think they just noticed that she's missing. They may or may not have contacts for her where she works or goes to school, if she does either. Her parents aren't in the province, and it was just one guy who took it on himself to be her stand in grandfather type, and I think he sent out the phone chain to get contacts to her other friends. My friend who phoned me was the person who had her bf's number.
      What if something actually has happened? 20 days is a LONG time.
      • Has anyone contacted her parents yet? It seems like the most likely explanation right now is that she skipped out on her roomates and went home for the summer.

        Let's hope she is safe.
        • All her stuff is at her place, so if she moved back she'd have taken it. Hopefully I hear from my friend soon. I'm not too worried, just needed to vent a bit.
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        • Re: I wouldn't worry

          I'm not killing myself with worry, but there are a few places a person can disappear easily. I'd bug my friend more, but she launches into a "let's have my brother's bitch of girlfriend deported" rant. Sigh.
          • Re: I wouldn't worry

            I wasn't worried either, actually, because she often does disappearing acts - but never like this one. Her parents/sister haven't heard anything from her in over a month (her mother's the only one out of province) and neither have any of her surrogate parents/grandparents. All of her stuff was left at her apartment - including her cat - with her rent only paid up until the end of May. The roommate has now gotten rid of the cat, from what I've heard - not sure about the rest of the stuff. There's been no on-line activity and she hasn't contacted any of the organizations she belongs to...very unusual for her.
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