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Missing Person

Missing Person

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this chicky has been missing for 20 days now.  I hope we hear that's she's somewhere safe and sound asap.
  • Re: I wouldn't worry

    I'm not killing myself with worry, but there are a few places a person can disappear easily. I'd bug my friend more, but she launches into a "let's have my brother's bitch of girlfriend deported" rant. Sigh.
    • Re: I wouldn't worry

      I wasn't worried either, actually, because she often does disappearing acts - but never like this one. Her parents/sister haven't heard anything from her in over a month (her mother's the only one out of province) and neither have any of her surrogate parents/grandparents. All of her stuff was left at her apartment - including her cat - with her rent only paid up until the end of May. The roommate has now gotten rid of the cat, from what I've heard - not sure about the rest of the stuff. There's been no on-line activity and she hasn't contacted any of the organizations she belongs to...very unusual for her.
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