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First Camping attempt of the season: Chilliwack Lake

Chilliwack Lake... SOUNDS like it's in town, but it's NOT.  It's so far away that it's under Manning Park, its directly south of HOPE!
But dammit, it is paradise, and I can't wait to go back.... when it's not pissing rain, lol.
(Ah vancouver, I checked the weather reports, and they all said sun, sun, sun, and the world was covered in a rain storm)

It was a painfully slow start.  PIcking a place proved hard because even the mountains are having a slow start, and many of the places I wold have liked to try were still snow covered.  After that, my head was mush, so picking food was hard too.  Our camping suppliues were scattered everywhere.  It even looked like we weren't going becae on Monday, Andrew was sick.  The next day, *I* was sick. Still, Wednesday was my birthday, so I chose to slog on.  We got into camp just in time for dinner.  It was so windy, our camp stoves kept blowing out,  and it was daunting to not quite be prepared for the cold.  (Chilliwack, at last report had been baking hot, Vancouver was mildy warm, so i had driven up in a tank top and shorts and sandals only to quickly hash out not one but TWO sweaters, pnts, and socks. Brr!!!)

The next day, it DOWNPOURED just after I had made (disaster!) breakfast (I burntthe pans and ended up with watery parttlycooked eggs in raw veggies, yum?)  After the rain lightened, we headed off to a trail.  **** It was freaking gorgeous!! If I had my digi cam, I would have posted a million pics!!!!!!  Rushing water everywhere!  Tumbling down tiny falls, froshing into white and palest teal foam, swirling under fallen logs, moss, neon lichen and branches crowding in everywhere!  It was green and water... hardly a glimpse of exposed rock! Unfortunatley the trail was slipper rock, jagged, and steep, so it killed my knee (knee cap popping in and out = bad! + pain) so we had to turn back just as my groggy beloved was getting into it.  (Panic attack moment  for me)

So we headed down to the boat launch, and I fell in love with the misty grey stillness that went on around a corner.  I love misty mountains.  I instantly wanted to pull out the inflatable boat, but my bf didn't want to get wetter or colder.  (there was a huge sign warning of the Exceptionally cold water!)

After lunch wedecided to head down to eco trail because it was supposed to be easy, flat and only 3 hours.  Since we had to drive to the trail head we packed up the site, which took longer than it needed to because everything was wet.  No one wants to touch muddy tarps and wet tents, bleh!  It took an hour going 10 kmh navigating the potholes.  The road was trecherous with sharp rocks, potholes, washboard, and a STEEP drop off straight into the lake!  Still, it was worth it to see the dozens of waterfalls along the side of the road.  We could barely see the lake since it had become cloaked in silver mist (rain). 

Then of course, we just had to run into a redneck in distress!  Some poor dude had somehow had their battery die off the road on some offroading trail, and could we give them a jump?  Well, the dude exaggerated and said that the road was EASY, and that my car could do it, that it was actually just a road they were on....  Well, he kinda LIED.  We turned off our road, and ffound out that, yes, yes, this was 4x4 territory.  After having branches whap the car, and going painfully over frightfully big rocks, I ran into a stream. Then I turned around into the bushes, and headed back.  On the way we passed the guy, and told him that the car couldn't do it.  "But we're only after the second stream!!!!".  (No way buddy)

We headed along the road, and I decided to stop where half the road became a rushing stream.  (Super beautiful!!!! Not good for driving!)
We walked up the trail for half an hour, found a beautiful dead end that overlooked the river, and headed back.  After the hour or so trek on the gravel we hunted down the park ranger and dutifully informed him of the stranded dudes, then drove back home, a long boring but thank the heavens not backlogged in traffic 3 hour trip.

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