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Richmond Night Market

Andrew's parents arrived, and Andrew showed off Horatio, and I opened my presents.  Then we headed out to the Red Onion, and then off to Richmond for the night market.  Every year it gets bigger.  On the north part of the city, in the part thought of as "east richmond", there is a river side parking lot behind a warehouse where huge red metal girders reach to the sky.  Strung from these girders are lights spelling out "Richmond Night Market"  One can see the lights of vancouver, and the oak street bridge against the inky sky, and if you get there earlier, glimpse train tracks and the river agaist the gloaming.  It's so packed that people are charging $4 just to park a 5-10 min walk away, in the block store parking lots.  (Think Home Depot, or a furniture store)

There were so many stalls that even though we were there for2.5 hours, we had only seen half.  It's so crowded that sometimes it's impossible to even crowd close enough to vendor to see what they are selling.  Everything is cash only.  Stalls are tables with a four poster cover in red, yellow, purple or blue, coloured by section. 

There are a million jewellery stands, there are kiosks with DVDs, CDs, MP3 players, USB devices, little glowing things to put on the end of cell phone antennae, purses, shoes, bras, rock scupltures, pressed bamboo plates with flower prints, semi precious gem bracelets, swarvoski beads, stationary.  Heck, I even saw people carrying bags of live gold fish.

Me:  I bought Andrew a pot of lavendar for $6, and myself a CUTE little indoor plant for $1.50. and some silly frog stickers to put on our time cards at work.  And a mango slush. 

Since we weren't there for food I didn't get to pig out on leaf wrapped sticky rice, or try weird fish balls.   Last year I went with friends and we did the market for dinner, buying and sharing a bit of this and that. 

Carrying a plant is like having a baby.  I noticed I carried it with my elbows out and my arm gaurding it.  People looked at me like I was shop lifting.

I better get some rest. I work tommrow, then it's out with the folks again.

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