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I shouldn't post before bed.

Culture.  The masses around me, and their ideas form the laws that bind me, the norms, and the ideology that will carry me to my grave.
Is it a breeding war?  If we: those passionate about our inttelect/careers/non-reproduction life do not reproduce we leave the new population to be filled by: accidental pregnancies, or pregnancies of women who feel that it is their only purpose.

This rotten culture of waste driven economy, where pollution, garbage and excess are the main form of currency, is being distilled into the minds of our young, who are taught that the world is a buffet if you can elbow out the competition.  Do those of us with a wish to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and to know what it's like to walk in a forest or on a beach, those of use who see animals not as wall ornaments, but as part of the fragile ecosystem that we are in; do we stand up and try and pass down those virtues, or do we give up, rip out our ovaries, tie our tubes, sparing our future children from the cannabilistic cesspool of the future.
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