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Quitting time?

Quitting time?

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My manager won't accept my availability without a doctors note..... and I'm getting passed up for training, and generally treated badly compared to other people, who apparently give their availability without hassle.
Not happy.

I'm going to talk to the big boss R, and maybe my coworker H.  If this isn't sorted out fast... well I can get by on gardening for my dad and being poor(er)
  • Joely and I were complaining about the stupidity of work and managers today...bakery is really bad. As Miya's told us.

    What we should do is get a bunch of us to find new jobs, and quit all at the same time XD Show them how much they really need us. Maybe it'll teach them not to fuck around with us so much.

    ...maybe not, but at least we'll screw them over a bit!
    • I've told you people this a thousand times. We all get new jobs, then all up and quit on CAD at once. They get fucked, we get even. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!
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