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Whoops, in another comment, I said there were just five bands but there were 9, 4 headliners, and 5 new talent bands.
The show started at 3pm,  with Fully Loaded, one of the Seed bands.  (Seeds is a big local band competition the station had to promote local talent, the top ten got gigs, and the top 5 got to play FoxFest, and their tracks were featured on a radio show)  Next came Superbeing, then Veer, then it was the first main band: Marianas Trench.    I'd been hearing their songs on the radio, and they put on a good show.
Somewhere in there was On Holiday and Yuca.  It was either Superbeing or On Holiday that did THE song I rocked out to. Sadly, I can't remember what song it was, but it was one that I rock out to in the car when I hear it.  Yuca was AMAZING live, even though I can'tstand their signature track "Beautiful" on the radio  I thought they were horribly mellow onthe radio.  But live, wow.  There really is a difference between radio and live music.   Rockier music needs a bit more care live, because if it's too loud, the music turns into a painfull earbleed inducing slaughter in which all semblance of melody is lost.  Also, if one has good vocalists, they should turn their guitars down.  And shouting is bad.  Thornley, though a killer band with great tunes, had a shitty show that made me nauseous.  I couldn't hear their music under or over the noise, and the lead singer was SHOUTING when on his tracks he sings, and it was too amplified. 

Theory of a Deadman!  Was the best, and though I wantted to slink away after Thornley, I'm glad I stayed because they ROCKED!!!!!!!

Billy Talent:  Too Loud SCreaming.  I think his music sounds ok on the radio, but this was just a barrage that we fled from.  The main headliner that everyone was there to see really sucked.

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