October 10th, 2004


Bubble Tea

Uncooked pearls look like coco puffs, but there is no way I'm going to try one.
I got a long sought after martini shaker. I guess I just don't know WHERE to shop, good thing V does. She also knew a tea shop that sold flavouring, and hopefully pearls. Although they don't sell pearls, the guy sold me a cup full of them as a sample, and I got some coconut flavouring. I have the technology! Unfortunatly, the directions seem scary- 1:6 pearl to water ratio, 1/2 in boiling water with heat on, then 1/2 hour just sitting with no heat, then rinse with warmish/coldish water until body temp.... I should mention that I can't cook at this point.

I did try the LAVENDER pearl milk tea... and I don't recommend it. It tastes like super sweet milk with well - lavender. Kinda tastes like thyme... Only live once...

Passed a new restaurant with a lineup outside on the way to the mall... the conversation I had with my friend about it... made me sad that I can't go to half the malls or restaurants in this town because I'm the wrong colour. I also can't join half the clubs on the university. Segregation sucks! It's not like there's a law, and most people are really nice, but some people give you a hard time if you're in the wrong mall. Actually at my university the segregation is such that there are seperate arts undergrad societies, alumni societies, catholic clubs, christian clubs, and social clubs. The worst thing about it, are the people who fall through the cracks because they don't want to segregate themselves, or are a blend of both 'majour' ethnicities... (Meaning column A and everyone else)