October 20th, 2004


There IS a World Outside!!

I'm in love with Vancouver! I'm a total proud Vancouverite! Just the atmosphere. I actually went on a DATE with my boyfriend for the first time in what feels like a year (wait i think it WAS a year!). We checked out the Eatery. Super fly, just buzzed on the atmosphere. Club dance music, wacky Andy Warhol style prints of general Mao and Marylin Monroe. Poster sized comic covers custom made sushi themed in oil. We sat in a both with a tall taper candle with multicoloured drips at the bottom, Jacki Chan action figures, faux cheetah print seats, gauzy curtains, and graffitti. The menus were coloured by the customers, a custom made comic cover with betty and veronica hanging off of astro boy, and arch and ol' jug walking in shocked. Thick stack of options in the menu. Wacky fusion rolls like :the fat elvis, or the malibu roll, or Andy Warhol. Table was collaged with sushi, flowers, and astro boy. (Astro boy theme here)
And the sushi was REALLY REALLY good. They had RAW smoked salmon! Yum! melt in your mouth goodness.

I need to leave this campus more often. I feel alive!
There is so much I didn't know... walked past organic produce stores, cheap used book stores, a second hand store just chalk of great furniture, and the ocean... can i say WOW?

Ok better calm down and whip up those lab reports- scary physical chem lab tommorow. AAH!