November 2nd, 2004


(no subject)

Still sick.
Somehow washing 1/4 the dishes is enough to tucker me out.
Spent half the day day passed out b/c the loud machinery sounds of the pump truck unflooding our parking lot put me to sleep. Am I the only one?? Heavy machinery = sleep??

I hope my soul feels better tommorow. I only fed it a season of SG-1 and some 60's sci-fi.

Oh yeah... see I am all mentally foggy, I was going to say that I enjoyed seeing people's halloween LJ posts. :) I feel lucky to know such cool people online. And since my throat is sore, it's nice to feel community without talking. lol.

Pippi, if you happen to read this: We DID run out of candy! We put out our fruitsnacks, and ran out of those too! There were so many kids! We had to put up a sign saying we were out of candy!