January 7th, 2005


Snow in "Lotus Land"

It's twice as bright now. The sky is sterling silver, a rush of damp white blobs streaming down. The trees sport an inch of white light diffuser along every sillouette trace.
The world seems softer, quieter, nestled in something.
Serene, and slow, since no one here can deal with the snow. I am scared of slipping so i'm prob a comic sight if I go anywhere.
It's geat for forts and snowmen, but the mere weight of the snow on itself turns it into slush at the very bottom.
One day, I'll live in a place with snow. Maybe somewhere with cheap skiing.

My only gripe is that a net article laughed at us getting snow, calling us "lotus land". It doesn't *feel* like lotus land. Since so many people want to live here, the mass wages are lower, prices for clothing, especially *food*, and rent are higher. (Have to go to the burbs to find a binder under $5 now :P )
When I went on holidays for X-mas, I saw help wanted signs everywhere for entry level positions.

Ah, I won't get milked so much when I grad, I'll be able to find work in another city. And maybe to my disappointment, rent will be the same :P ^_-


I can't find my organic reaction cards!!
I've been looking for hours!
On the good side the place is getting cleaner.. but there are ~100 cards each painstakingly coloured in and written out, hours of work just to make. How could such precious yet hated things go missing!!! The worst part is that I think they ended up in Andrew's stuff, and he never unpacked aftern moving, and we moved in a haphazard way, so there are many boxes of mess to go through that I couldn't clean up if I wanted.

Hey!!! I just realized that Andrew has been EATING MY CHOCOLATE! He was resposible for packing my stocking, and I think he just dumped my stuff into his... and he's almost out of christmas chocolate.
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Wow so me, my *real* hairstyle too! :o

Your Hidden Power Is:

You are sort of childish yet brave. If you get
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You hate seeing the earth die and you use your
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but you only despise those that try and destroy
your wonderful earth.

Gem Stone:Emerald Eye Color:Lime
Green Hair Color:Brown with green on the
bottom tips and it is shoulder length flipped

Quote:I tear my heart open. I sew my
self shut. My weakness is that i care to much.
And our scars remind us that the past is real.
I tear my heart open just to feel.

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