January 17th, 2005


Long Weekend

It was like a 9 hour day helping my friend move today. Carrying heavy stuff over slippery ice, and slush through the rain. I did all the driving since my car and only one who can drive, and alot of the carrying. Tuckered. But happy knowing he is in a better bigger actually swanky room. He moved from drafty below zero little room in far away to a spacious room with a sink, fireplace and mini bar that is 10 min from campus compared to the hour long commute.

Andrew is wonderful, he did ALL the heavy stuff and stayed by my side caring for me.

Yesterday was wonderful too because we did everything I like:
Snowshoeing, my dad drove, my brother went too, and everyone had fun :D
Dried off at my brothers, hit the hobby shop just before it closed. It had started snowing- very magical but a wee bit scary to drive in. Drifting romantic softness pouring down softly in streams of white. (Rapid snow!!!)
Hugged all the employees working. Andrew got card sleeves and a booster pack.
Red Onion for tuna burgers with cheddar.
Then even though we were bagged, i'd made plans with Rob, so had him over to play a few rounds of magic.
Sleep @ 2 am.

I like spending time with my dad and bro.

This all made up for the hell of trying to find a car battery on friday : 3 CAnadian TIRES!!!! THREE.
Bused to first one with Rob... no battery. Got directions to second one, Dad lent me car after skating... and no canadian tire. Turns out it was recently demolished. Throw in that i'd beenthere 2 years ago, have no navigation sense, I'm not realy from the area, and NO map book. Phoned friend for directions to next one. Drove for 3 hours lost.

That day I ended up going over the same bridge TWICE.... but in the SAME direction both ways. In other words I crossed the waer southbound without ever crossing water northbound...

Ahhh... I feel a bit like a bodhittsatva. :D

Buh-Bye Snow :(

Yes, torrential walls of water flooding down, returning the city to it's usual gloomy greys.
If it was snow, we'd be buried under 3 feet, since it was like this all night too.
I enjoyed the treat while it lasted.
People were getting a bit grumpy about waddling over ice everywhere.