January 20th, 2005


I am a (professional) otherkin (be patient, not as silly as it sounds)

I can't believe something so silly is making me THINK so much.
Yes, I'm reffering to laochbran's post on nonfluffypagans. (Click my friends list)
The way that laochbran put it, it made seem otherkin seem less outrageous.
Such a strong 'identify with' that it becomes an "I am".
It's not the same as saying "I am NOT human", which to me is a bit ridiculous, but rather acknowledging the state as important.
For instance I have many roles, and they do not consume the entirety of my time, nor do they define me. Take one a way, and I am no less me. Take them all away, and I will still be me, albiet rather imbittered. I am my mother's daughter, my brother's sister, a lover, a friend, a chemist, an artist, and in my mind sometimes a dragon or swords woman, or even a cat. Sadly, the least real or valid of all these claims is the title of chemist. I am still a student and am not planning on going into the field.
The outer titles help me relate to the "real" world, while the inner titles help me relate to my inner world... my mind is a big place.

Ok, ok the kicker, my big secret. I am an engineer! That's where the otherkin part comes in. I look at and appreciate the world from the viewpoint of an engineer. I am constantly told that to do what I want to do I need to be an engineer. An engineer however, is technically NOT a way of thought, although suceesful engineers have that engineering attitude, but rather a PROFESSIONAL trade, that requires actual certification. You also get a funky ring at the end that reminds you to double check things so that bridges don't fall in on workers. Maybe one day I'll get some engineering certification but thats years down the road when I have more money for more titles.