January 24th, 2005


Foot High Flames - In HOT PINK!!!

Ah, Haunted lady, you would have loved to see the spectrophotometer. We went with the old school one, we had a choice of 2. Lots of turning knobs, flippy switches, a scale behind the lamp under the hood, one of those read outs that looks like the letters were made with the old label makers that pressedwhite letters onto black plastic tape. It even had a push button that made a "clunk" and lit up. Two layers of metal grating in front of the the flame that covered the lower half of it, and large vents.

We aspirated our sample into the acteylene flame (which was 1/2 foot long and 1 foor high) then measured the absorbtion of a beam of ligt produced by a calcium cathode lamp.

Only it was 5 hours with chem boy getting all bitchy. :(
(He hounds my lack of pipette skills... which I lack)

And SOOO Many solutions! We made about 36 flasks with assorted mixtures of sample, aluminiun, calcium and strontium. The strontium turns bright pink wen ignited :)