February 2nd, 2005


Good God! I hate racism.

I found out that they fired all the teachers of my colour at my old highschool!
The parents raised a big fuss, and donated money for the school to be built on the condition that the staff changed to "suit the demographic" of the population. They wanted it changed further into a religious segregated traditional school as well. They also wanted a "vocational" training school to be set up for the "lesser" (read my colour) students to go.

When I went there, the classes were already sort of segregated by race... it was done academically...so there were a few others of my colour with me... but basically segregated.

I can't believe the parents want to restrict access to proper education that allows a student to go into any field including university just to catholic colour "x" people!!!! WITH PUBLIC GOVERMENT EDUCATION money to boot!!!

Does that happen anywhere else!?! Aren't we suppossed to be providing equal education to all religions and ethnicities??

Sorry for ranting, but I think this is rather serious/sad.