February 7th, 2005


21 pages this time...

Last minute again, it's actually more like 40 pages b/c of some of the print outs....
Good god, they are getting longer, last one was only 14!
Still have to do 1/2 hour of work in 5 somehow ><
But hey, I got the report done!

Only missing a graph b/c my lab partner forgot, and I forgot to remind him ... grr.

Kinky Mittsubishi... is love!

Almost painful, such drugged ecstacy floating in the air. I blame both andrew and the hamster. There is something so sweet as to come home and see it trundling around in it's ball. His name is kinky mitsubishi, he is deep caramel with brown markings, and it appears to be love at first sight.

I am dieing to have a anything an' tonic at a bar to see it glow in the black light. We did a fluorescence analysis of quinine in tonic water today. We forgot a dilution it, so it was glow o'rama. I love our lab director. He was excited about the glow.

I acted like a jerk in a debate over conservative morals in LJ. I get traumatized when people hold dear beliefs that I see as extremely amoral and destructive.
I guess it's the pain of being an idealist.

Yes, it IS love at first sight.

The first 2 hours of hamster are still joyous. On closer inspection kinky is has pikachu-esque brown markings, and his fur is reddish caramel with chestnut brown tips on his back, tending to cream/yellower on his tummy.

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