February 14th, 2005


Hopeless Cupcakes in a PC world.

Andrew likes the frosted white cupcakes at the IGA since they're colourful, and his mom used to get them for him. So for Valentines day, they have festive lil' sugar bombs with big sugar hearts that have messages air brushed on them. "Hi love", "hug me", "don't rush" and.... "hopeless". What a cupcake huh? Hopeless... it just seems so *wrong* on a *cupcake*. What kind of message is that to send???

In other weird news... I've been trying to shut down my empathic abilities... but I think it's all going through, just routed to the subconcious. My dreams are like hyper active filing, all LJ chatter. I think I'm picking up crap from people just by reading their posts.

You guys on my friends list... I actually care about you guys... I want to know how you're doing, and don't mind your vibes. (Big hugsss eeee!) (yes i'm tired)

Anyone else however... is just emotion spam, bleah :P

Maybe I'll have to take all the comunities off my friends collage... at least until I get my study up and my LJ down... I'm not mature enough to handle LJ drama... the glamour-trolls bug me.