February 21st, 2005


The cool bits of today...

The "glassware" was plastic. Got to play with some argon plasma burning at 6000 degrees.
Got to use some stuff that costs ~$500 000 a gram.
Got to use a peristalis pump. Said pump had a hole in it. Although it looked like I'd get out @ 7pm (again) I got out at 5:30! Also the machine sht down on my partner and not me...
I had pizza with spicy pesto drizzles, artichokes, jalapenoes and cheese. It was actually good. I arrived at the midterm on time and had a left handed seat even.

As for the rest... I hope I didn't get any acid on my new pants... and I pray for my continued survival, or at least some wisdom to smack my health into shape enough to actually survive. And I hope that there were 1ml in every 1ml pipette and not 0.85 ml of stuff like I think there was... ooh.