February 28th, 2005


Life - interesting in a bit of a disappointing way.

Wow, the elitist keeners are letting me down tonight. The WebMO queu is at 67 calculations, all stacked up waiting to go! When I left, it was at 48, and I'd hoped that when I got home (from a failed attempt at both dinner and groceries) my stuff would be through and I could print it out, or dump it into the spreadsheet and mess around with it. This is the assignment we got the extension on. It's so bad, I can't even get on to check how my jobs are doing. I think I only have two more things to run, but they require the results from the two jobs that are languishing near the rear of the queu. I used to be able to spell queu... Ah, the point... the keeners preen about their perfection, aghast at last minute... but really, they are just like me, a last minute bunny.

******In intersting news: I was irradiated today! *******
We got to bombard manganese solutions with neutrons, and then measure the beta particles released with a scintillation counter.
We started diluting, and 15-30 min, the fire alarm rang, first in spurts, as we wondered "can we ignore this? I just started to____ and I don't want to stay here all night my chem 320 is due tommorow!" When the signal became steady, we were herded to the door. A rare chance to chat with one's class mates, in awkward atrophied loss of social skills and suffering fatigue.
Anyways dilution... and then we poured our samples into these little plastic vials that had velcro on the top. Then we stuck plexiglass rods on top by the velco, and *all at the same time* lowered the vials into numbered holes in the top of a metal canister that contained the radioactive neutrino source. Ooohhhh.
We had to wear gloves taking them out.
Then we scintillated them... and did a "wipe test" to ensure we hadn't been unduly irradiated.

Now back to checking the cluster... sigh, you'd think a class of 60-100 could share a 31 node cluster. :P
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