March 25th, 2005


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I'm having troble articulating my thoughts today. Complexity that would take too long to type. That i'm not yet brave enough to commit to bits (letters).

The main thing in all my thoughts is love, well wishing, and hope. Mostly love though.

Work In progress.

I'm pretty sure haunted lady said she likes mermaids, so I've been working on them a bit.  I had in mind a gold fished based mermaid for a background.  My desktop is crowded, so I like big splashes of colour with lots of abstract texture for backgrounds.  Also i'm learning how to bend photoshop to my will b/c it's less messy than paint.  The only problem, is the mermaid needs a girl part.  So far I have water and a fish tail.  Photo-bucket size issues- I lost some crucial resolution.  Ah well. I sort of wish I had a pic of a girls back swimming away to plug in- I don't think I can do people with my mouse.

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