July 20th, 2005


Taking a vacation from "home" by going "home"

I'm spending the next week or two at my brother's in richmond.
I'm actually feeling relieved to just get away. I brought a shit load of books, crafts and art supplies, but my bro is actually up for going out and about, so who knows, might even go camping, or work on the house more.

The only worrisome thing is I have a crucial doc appointment at the UBC clinic at 9am on monday... not looking forwards to the traffic, don't know if it's even humanly possible to get there on time without leaving before 7am.

I picked that time so I could roll out of bed, go, chill, then have lunch with my dad. Only now he's working 12 hr 7 days a week shifts through the strike... and I'm bloody far from campus.