November 18th, 2005


I hate fighting with friends. :(

The whole thing started because somebody told me that they were too cool for me.
Of course my natural response is to rip them apart and leave the bloody remains for rabid scavengers. I didn't even throw a cup at their head though.

They of course are screwing the whole natural process up though. By not talking to me, they are negating the fact that I'm not talking to them.

Since they aren't talking to me, how can they figure out that I'm mad at them, and most definately snubbing them for being so lame and un-trustworthy?

The sad thing, is aside from my inner puppy-eyed bleeding heart, I could *easily* be too cool for them. My life is pretty cool right now. Heck it'll be damn frosty come sat b/c I'm going snow-shoeing.