December 26th, 2005


I saw "What the Bleep do we know?"

I was very insulted through the course of this pseudo-documentary, although the core message was something I agree with whole heartedly.
Tiny gems glistened like rhinestones, or perhaps frost on sewage throughout the onslaught of sludge. They diliberatly produced psycho babble by having the physicists talk about god and the theologists talk about physics. Even the stuff I did agree with was sensationalized, or worse put forth in a smug arrogant "we are right, any one else with a different opinion is a dumb out of fashion loser", such that I wanted to reject it right away. Yes, I found myself itching to defend catholic dogma, just because their arrogant smug banalities presented as enlightenment had me gagging.
The word quantum was a chant, a get of jail free card, a VIP pass, the word dragged through the mud into meaninglessness.

One thing of interest though was one coherent part reminded me of Chris's water quantum blurb.

Still the main message of the movie is a good one: think happy thoughts, smile a little