May 14th, 2006


altercations at work

yesterday knife boy came in and i refused to serve him. I also pointed him out to the security gaurd as a potential shoplifter. I'm too tired to post more about it. I did wonder if I was being mature. The security guard said "he has NO SHAME, to show his face around here" and that I should never serve him (after I told the guard what he had done to me in the past)

I fucked up trying to make a fresh start with stupid head, I mean clint today. Sorry to disappoint you mikki G. He ditched me on his break anyways. I found him after work at starbucks. I couldn't keep my questions down and I ended up calling him a psychotic.
Lying fucker, why does he ping my "worthwhile person" sensor?

I think mostly I hate that he won't listen to me. I want right now to hold my boot to his head and tell him everything that I want to tell him, and I want it to sink into that porous excuse of a brain.
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