May 20th, 2006


Transcontinental Hangout

In the last three days I have hung out with: People from Mission, Steveston, Wainright (Alberta), Kelowna and... SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.

I also cleaned up 1/6 - 1/3 of the bedroom :) (Yes, Andrew and I have been slowly making the place cleaner, it doesn't look like much, but it's comfortable)

Thursday was the 2 short stories in Vampire and some magic, Friday we went out to a super posh bar and grill that I am definately going back to because the drinks were awesome and priced affordably to boot. (Food was too pricey but at least well worth the dough)
Today, we went to the Aquarium and got to meet the guy from Australia... who accent aside, was basically just "another one of us", and could pass for a native vancouverite. He loves magic the gathering and is an anime fiend. I think he speaks cantonese too. See... Richmond homey for sure.

Creativity Bursting

I am having weird fashion spasms. I want to dress all goth. I want to buy boring shirts and modify them into stylish punk/goth/comfy renditions with lace and chain and patches.
I want to crochet a giant stuffed squid and buy a patter for a spidery skirt. I want to learn to crochet my own clothing patterns.

I want to robe myself in lace and dragons and flames.

I want to make my own stained glass piece for our bedroom window.

I want to redo our "couple's altar"

I want to trek under the may greened oaks and smell the polleny sun warmed breezes.

I think I should eatsomething before my blood sugar gets to low.