June 10th, 2006


Drowning in the material flood

Bills come, pay them, and file them away, because an organized person keeps records.  Reciepts build up.  Keep them just in case.
Junk mail, well than flood is quickly diverted back out to the recycling, but the odd useful coupon gets buried in the "important papers".  Car repair records, owner manuals, warrenties.  Bank statements.  The paper builds up so fast.  Boxes and binders of school notes, and shelves of textbooks. 

Then there are the knicknacks.  A creepy angel bear mourning it's dead owner was tucked into my birthday present, it's supposed to tie me to my great grandmother.   Cheap chipped ornaments, tarnished costume jewlery, a bit here and a bit there, foisted, leaked, all with the stern sentimentality of kin ties.

My desk overflows with a pile of papers, each a thing to do.  Things to read, things to file, things to pay, things to remember.  A tide of things all calling for my time.

Moving clutter to get the floor, the other heart breaking side of the coin is revealed.  A broken watch, worn to shreds, but still with salvagable plastic and metal... is not salvagable in our society.   There are no plants to bring it's still useful components back into the cycle of our lives.  Same with the dead kettle.  Rescued 3rd hand from a dorm, it died maybe twenty years old in our service.  Though not funtional, it's still sturdy sound plastic and metal.  And no way to redeem it.

I fight the clutter and the crowdedness, the material world dwarfs our palace into a whirlwind in a closet. 
This must change.  Not just my neophyte attempts at managing the stream of materials that flood into my life, but more importantly US.  The big picture society that lives as a cancer, consuming, growing by throwing away.