June 27th, 2006


Linux approaching

I think I'm going to switch to a GUI happy version of Linux because to sort the info for my courses I'm cutting, pasting into NOTEPAD then pasting from notepad to word.  I can't go directly to word because of formatting hell.

I have like 12 pages of cut and paste blurbs.  Course number, section, and number of seats available in class, as well as restrictions.  I'm e-mailing the head of chem tonight to beg to talk to him.  I'm leaning a bit away from "fast and dirty" to "technical skills".  The chem calls me with it's promises of applicability.  So what if it's hard, it coos, it has the potential to change the world.  Industrial chem, learn the secrets of the giants, inorganic chem, polymer chem, material chem, shape the products of society, the door to invention can open.

The bio is calling too.  I hold the natural world in much reverence, yet I am still ignorant of ecocology, botany, ect.  Biologists do make a living, and I do like slogging through the mud and running samples.  Plants and animals are bent to industrial whim, and there is coin falling to drive the industry's research.