September 10th, 2006


September 10th 2006

I AM STILL SICK!!!!!!  Andrew is still snuffly, so he's not to up to take care of me.
The main problem is food.  We have eaten most of the stuff I got on tuesday,  of the easy to make variety, and no one is up to cooking.
I think I need to eat more to get well, I have been eating next to nothing, maybe 2 snacks a day.  My main meal of yesterday was celery with peanut butter.

But I feel so crappy.... wah!!!!!! I don't want to do dishes to get tot he level of the kitchen, and THEN make soup.  But I'm going to have to, if I want to eat anything today.

I feel very cranky.  Oh and everything I eat makes me almost throw up.  What is with this freaking cold.  It's been like a farking expletive bloody unholy week!

Drink Liquids
*Stay Calm*
Try steaming my sinuses.

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