November 6th, 2006


Forum Growth

The forum has been up for just a day, and already it has 4 people.  I made a listing for it on witchvox, and invited a few people to it through witchvox invites.  I invited heads of groups, and I guess it might not have been clear that I was inviting the whole group.
Slowly, in my spare time, I will promo it on LJ.  So be prepared to see it a few times.
I'Ve always wanted a message board for pagans in the vancouver area, but there were only lists.

I don't have time to be a leader, or go on many outings, or meet a bunch of people, but I want a place set up so that when the time comes that I can hang out, and hold rituals, I can set them up.

Did I mention I hate mailing lists?