November 8th, 2006


Spin the Sequestration

I'm actually doing cool stuff in class. Unfortunately, timing is a bit off.  Yesterday, between 8pm and 1am, I got to simulate Carbon Dioxide Sequestering. Some industry-bought egg-heads say it's a great way to mediate global warming, by getting rid of CO2 emmisions.  You take your CO@, inject into a well, it disolves into the water forming Carbonic Acid, surrounding minerals disolve, and XCO3 (something carbonate) precipitates out, removing carbon, and thuss carbon dioxide, from solution.
Sounds great?  It takes 50-60 YEARS for this reaction to happen.  It is hindered by limestone, and needs to happen in relatively acidic waters.  Also, you need the right mineral, such that the surrounding rock will disolve, then the ions will precipitate out as carbonates, not just the orgininal mineral.  Oh, and the CO2 can leak out again, and may even collect in basements or topographic low points.  And we can't breathe CO2, so it's a bit dangerous if the CO2 gets trapped in a valley.

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My soup is better than the soup I bought at the store!
And I'm talking about the batch that I was horrified with and wanted to toss.
Maybe I'm not such a bad cook after-aff :P