November 27th, 2006


Poorly Prepared For Nature

It rains. We have to boil our water for a week.
It snows.  The power goes out.
No heat.
Fuck it was cold today.  And I couldn't cook or do homework.
We had to snuggle hammy to keep him warm. He almost died.  Ok he was agitated and it was scary.
I couldn't concentrate to study because I had to keep moving. I was wearing a touque, a scarf, fleece pants, a velvety heavy long skirt, socks, fuzzy slippers, and TWO big sweaters... and still it was chilly.
Good god. What if it dropped below fridge temp???
Luckily the power is on again.  But still :(
I didn't want to go outside knowing that if I got cold there would be no warming up.