March 25th, 2007


We're all wankers.

Talk is weak.  I got a vision of ego-boosting intellectual wanking going on, drunk and sober in basments across the nation.  Who are we to think we know anything, especially if we aren't doing anything about it!!

We are the sludge that manifests our own hell of living disappointment.  The masses, tossing snide comments, cliches about the downfall of this or that good in our society, sarcastically feeling superior for forecasting the disappointing turn in this or that issue, are manifesting the mediocher (sp?) failures through the generation of vast supplies of apathy.

STOP WANKING ALREADY.  Get off the soap box, get a clue by four and a PLAN.  Or maybe just masturbate more and talk less.

*off the soap box, back to being anti-social*